How to Register a Death

Very few people are familiar with the process of registering a death. We are here to guide you. We hope this content on how to register a death will help. You are also very welcome to call us on 01723 859279.

Can a funeral director register a death?

No, unfortunately legally we can’t.

Who can register a death?

There are only certain people allowed by law to register a death. These include:

  • A relative.
  • Someone who was present at the death.
  • Someone who lived in the house where the person died.
  • Someone who is responsible for arranging the funeral (not the funeral director).
  • A responsible person from the hospital or nursing/residential home where the person died.

When should I register a death?

Within five calendar days of the date of death.

What’s the first step in how to register a death?

You need the Death Certificate issued from the deceased’s usual doctor. You then need to make an appointment with the registrar. For North Yorkshire County Council, you can do this online at Registering a death or call 01609 780 780. During evenings and weekends please call 01609 798 832.

Where do I go to register a death?

Forms have to be completed in person as signatures are necessary to make sure everything is legal.

We suggest you ask for a minimum of six copies of the original death certificate to help you with estate matters later. It is cheaper to buy these at your appointment rather than arranging afterwards.

Can I register the death at any register office?

Yes. You can go to any register office. However if you use the one in the area where the person died you’ll be given the documents you need on the day. Otherwise you may have to wait a few days. It is best to make an appointment first.

Where to register if the person died in North Yorkshire

For Scarborough, Whitby, Malton, Selby, Skipton, Northallerton, Harrogate and Richmond please contact North Yorkshire County Council.

You can call them on 01609 780780 or book an appointment online using their Death Registration Appointment Planner.

Please note that the cities of Leeds and York are not included as being within the county of North Yorkshire.

Where to register a death if it occurred outside North Yorkshire

You can go to a North Yorkshire register office to give details for the register entry. They will then post this information to the register office in the area where the death occurred. This means there will be a short delay before you receive your certificates and other paperwork.

Outside North Yorkshire includes the cities of York and Leeds.

I want to speed up the process. Can I just travel to the other register office?

Yes, you can of course travel to the register office in the area or county where the person died. If you decide to do this, you will need to contact the register office there for an appointment.

On your return we’ll need to know the location and fax number of the Register Office that you’ve used. This is so we can arrange the correct paperwork.

What do I need to take?

  • Medical certificate showing the cause of death
  • Credit or debit card to pay the fees

If available, it is also helpful to take the deceased’s:

  • Birth certificate
  • Council Tax bill
  • Driving licence
  • Marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • NHS Medical card
  • Passport
  • Proof of address, such as an utility bill

What you’ll need to tell the registrar

  • The person’s full name at the time of death and any previous names, such as maiden name.
  • The person’s date and place of birth.
  • Their last address.
  • Their occupation and whether they were retired.
  • The full name and address of any surviving or late spouse or civil partner.
  • Their NHS number if possible.
  • Whether they were receiving a State Pension or other benefits.

You should also take documents that show your own name and address.

Details for Register offices outside of North Yorkshire

For York, including York District Hospital:

City of York Register Office in Bootham on 01904 654477

For Hull, including Hull Infirmary:

Hull City Council Offices on Alfred Gelder Street on 01482 300300

For Bridlington, Cottingham, Hornsea, Withernsea, Driffield, Beverley, Goole, Hedon and Pocklington:

East Riding of Yorkshire register offices – numbers are listed on this page.

What paperwork will F. A. Stockill and Son need?

We will need the “Green” Certificate for Burial or Cremation, filled in by the Registrar. This is known as the Green certificate because of the colour of the paper it’s printed on. Without this document a church or crematorium cannot go ahead with the funeral.