At Home

What to do when someone dies at home

As your selected funeral director, please contact us. We can come and take the deceased into our care.

The deceased’s own doctor or hospital doctor will issue the Medical Cause of Death Certificate to the family or next of kin. You will need this to register the death within five calendar days.

GP priorities

The needs of the living take priority over confirming deaths. Therefore you may have to wait before a GP can attend. The Care Quality Commission explains more about Who can confirm a death? on their website.

How do I register a death?

This is a legal requirement that needs to be done in person. There are more details in How to register a death.

What happens if the death is unexpected?

If this is the case, the Coroner will become involved. The police attend on the Coroner’s behalf. A nominated funeral director will remove the deceased to hospital for further investigation.  There are more details in our page about the involvement by a UK coroner.

What happens after this?

Once the Coroner is satisfied with investigations, they release the body to your funeral director. They’ll also send paperwork to the Register Office so the family can start registering the death.

Here at F. A. Stockill and Son we can help you with this and keep you informed every step of the way.

Do I have to use the nominated funeral director who was first called to remove the deceased?

No, you are free to make your own arrangements and use whichever funeral director you wish.