Cremation is an increasingly popular option. We are fortunate to have two well-regarded crematoriums in the area. You can choose from Scarborough crematorium, officially called Woodlands Crematorium. There is also crematorium at Octon, also known as East Riding Crematorium.

Scarborough crematorium at Woodlands

Woodlands crematorium near Scarborough Hospital was founded in 1961. It is on the outskirts of the town, surrounded by trees. Ashes may be scattered on the grass in the Garden of Remembrance or on a grave in the adjoining cemetery. They also offer green burials.

Woodlands Crematorium details:

Woodlands Drive
North Yorkshire YO12 6QN

Find out more on Scarborough Council’s deaths, funerals and cremations page.

Octon Crematorium also known as East Ridings Crematorium

East Riding Crematorium was opened in 1997 by the Warburton family, who were farmers. There is a chapel, outdoor flower court, music system and an organ, and tea rooms on site. There are beautiful Gardens of Remembrance. Its famous Ship of Souls window was created by the Stained Glass Centre near Cayton.

East Riding Crematorium details:

Octon Cross Road
East Riding of Yorkshire YO25 3BL

Find out more on the East Riding Crematorium web page.

What ceremony can I have with cremation?

You can have the same sorts of services for burials and cremations. These can be religious or non-religious.

Some funerals are in two parts. First there is a service at a church followed by a short committal service at the crematorium. Some families prefer to have the whole service in the crematorium chapel. If you don’t want a service, this is also an option or you may have a service of thanksgiving at a later dat. Your vicar can discuss this with you.

Is there any additional paperwork for a cremation?

Yes, two doctors will need to certify the death. Part I is normally filled in by the deceased’s usual doctor. The second doctor who verifies Part II is unrelated to the first. This is what we arrange on your behalf.

Does it cost more to scatter ashes?

No, scattering ashes is free of charge at the place of cremation.

Can ashes be scattered beside other relatives?

Yes. We’ll need the name of the person that died and the year in which they died. However if you wish the ashes to be interred in an existing grave, we would need consent from the grave owner.

Do crematorium have memorial books?

Yes, they do. If you wish, we can arrange for an entry to be made.

Do you provide caskets for the ashes?

Yes, oak caskets with plates for ashes can be requested. These are needed for any interment.

Do you offer direct cremations?

Yes, we offer this lower cost option. Please call us for more information or quotation at any time.

What sort of arrangements can you help make?

We can help you with all aspects of cremations. Click the links below to find out more: