Green Funerals

What is a green funeral?

A green funeral can be anything from a religious service to a humanist gathering. In this end of life service, the body is buried to create a place of remembrance and a wildlife haven. There is no headstone, just a small wooden memorial or a plant.

What is a green burial?

This takes place in land where trees and wild flowers grown. A biodegradable shroud or coffin is used.

Is a green funeral expensive?

It depends what you want. Options include:

  • A protective layer or cloth known as shroud
  • A cardboard or papier-mâché coffin
  • A bamboo or wicker coffin
  • A recycled paper ecopod lined with feathers

Could I bury my loved one on my own piece of land?

Yes, theoretically you can. However, you will need planning permission. Also if you bury someone in a garden, this in effect then turns the site into a burial site. The related paperwork must be kept safe and recorded in the deeds. It will also need to be declared if the house is ever put up for sale.

What is a natural burial site?

There are more than 270 natural burial sites in the UK. Some are operated by local authorities. Others are privately owned, owned by corporations or run in partnership.

Are there green burial grounds in North Yorkshire?

Yes, there are many. Below are those that belong to the Association of Natural Burial Grounds which are bound by a Code of Conduct. We also have connections with other sites closer to Scarborough such as Terrington:

What sort of arrangements can you help make?

We can help you with all aspects of green funerals. Click the links below to find out more: