Funeral Plans

Funeral Plans are not a subject people relish discussing. However, we have seen first-hand how a funeral plan can be an enormous help to those left behind.

Who administers your funeral plans?

Our funeral plans are run by Golden Charter Later Life Planning. Golden Charter is owned by independent funeral directors. It has more than 25 years’ experience helping people take care of their funeral arrangements.

Why did you choose this funeral plan scheme?

Over the years we have found Golden Charter to run an excellent scheme. The plans are also completely portable. So if you move away from North Yorkshire, your plan moves with you. You could then use it for a funeral in Cheshire or the Hebrides.

Recently a gentleman without next of kin passed away in a nursing home in Scarborough. Fortunately his plan membership meant we could arrange his funeral, taking into account his exact wishes.

How much is a plan?

It’s very dependent on what you would like. Plans start from £3,600 inclusive of Golden Charter administration fees. Prices correct as of September 2018. Please talk to us for more information.

Monthly payments

You can make monthly payments towards your funeral plan. Please contact us for more details.

Direct cremations

These are £1,950 each.

Where does the money go?

Depending on how you decide to pay, your money either is paid into the Golden Charter Trust or a life insurance policy with AXA Wealth Ltd.  It’s held there until needed to pay for your funeral arrangements. All payments are protected.

What are the payment options?

You can pay for your plan in one full payment. Or you could pay from one of our monthly instalment options.

Can I take out a funeral plan for someone else?

Yes. You will just need to complete the ‘plan holder’s representative’ section of the application process.

What if I move away from North Yorkshire?

The beauty of having a plan is that your plan moves with you. You simply contact Golden Charter who will transfer your plan to another local independent funeral director.

What happens if you go out of business?

We’ve been trading since 1927 so hope to continue for a good while yet. However, in the unlikely event this would happen, another local participating funeral director would be appointed to you.

Can I make special requests for my funeral?

Of course. Anything not covered by your plan will need to be paid at the time of the funeral. Why not complete our free, downloadable “My Day, My Way” leaflet?

What happens when I die?

The contact details for us will be in your membership pack. Your family just has to contact us and quote your name and membership number. We’ll take care of all the arrangements.

Do you have sales quotas to fill?

No, as a firm of independent funeral directors, we have no sales targets.

Next steps

Although there are packages, no funeral is ever completely ‘off the peg’. If you’d like to discuss the possibilities on offer, please contact us on 01723 859279 or email us at