The Service

A funeral service is as unique as the person who is being honoured. Here are a few questions we are often asked. We’ve also included links to some popular poems.

How long is a funeral service?

Crematorium services are usually 40 minutes long. A church service is about 40 minutes long too. However it can be longer depending on the number of hymns and readings.

Can pews be reserved?

Yes, in fact we recommend this to help the congregation know where to sit. We can discuss this with you before the ceremony.

Are dogs allowed at a funeral service?

For churches, this decision lies with the vicar. Dogs are allowed at Octon Crematorium and Woodlands Crematorium in Scarborough. However, any accidents/ carpet cleaning that may need to be carried out afterwards is at the owner’s expense.

Order of Service sheets

Traditionally these booklets list the order of the funeral service. This could include hymns, readings and songs. They are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the life of the deceased and can reflect that person in any way you wish. Reading them provides an opportunity to quietly contemplate and reflect on loved one who has gone. 

We take pride in producing bespoke Order of Service sheets. They can be produced in traditional black or coloured inks or even textured paper. Often they feature a photo of the person or maybe an illustration of something that reflects their hobby or passion.

Whoever you choose to lead the service be it minister or celebrant can help you in your meeting with the running order you would like.

An example Order of Service Sheet

All of them differ, but to take one example:

  • Who is conducting the service
  • Lyrics for hymns
  • Readings
  • Tributes and who gives them
  • The name of the pieces of music or reflective music replacing hymns
  • Photographs – if any
  • Where donations in memory of the deceased should be made to
  • The location of any refreshments afterwards

We don’t know which hymns or poems to choose?

Please don’t worry. We’ll be happy to guide you as well as your service leader or minister/celebrant. We have an extensive database of poems and hymns that we can refer to.

Popular poems

Popular hymns


Can we have a visual tribute?

Visual tributes incorporating photos and music into a presentation are becoming increasingly popular. This depends on the venue, but it is possible. Just ask us.

We’d like people to donate to local charities. As we’re from outside the area have you any suggestions?

Of course. Also please remember we can deal with the distribution of donations afterwards. If you can’t decide on just one charity, you can make split donations between multiple charities. There is more about this on our Memorials page.