Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully funerals won’t be too frequent an occurrence in your life. However this does mean it is an unfamiliar process to most people. Here are some frequently asked funeral questions and answers.

Before the funeral

Do you dress the deceased?

Yes we can dress the deceased for you, you need only hand over the belongings to us. Otherwise they are carefully shrouded in a silken gown.

Can we view the deceased?

Yes. We just need appropriate notice to ensure absolute privacy for you.

Will the deceased need to be embalmed?

Embalming is not usually necessary given the advancement in storage facility technology. However, we can arrange for embalming if requested.

About coffins

Do you have coffin bearers?

Yes, we have trained coffin bearers. We pride ourselves in being able to offer pallbearers who carry the coffins on their shoulders rather than using a trolley. Family members may carry, but here at F A Stockill we will always ensure there are enough bearers on hand on the day, just in case. Please note we never allow family to lower coffins on a burial.

How many coffin bearers will be needed?

This depends on the size and weight of the coffin. Usually there are between four and six bearers.

Do funeral directors re-use coffins?

No, most definitely not. The coffin is cremated or buried with the deceased.

Questions from the congregation

Can I touch the coffin as I leave the ceremony?

Yes, absolutely.

As a member of the congregation, can we take away the Order of Service or should we leave it there?

Please take it with you. An Order of Service can provide a lovely memento of your family member or friend for quiet contemplation later.

On cremations

Do crematoriums cremate more than one person at a time?

No. The only exception is if the next of kin have requested it for a mother and baby or small twin children.

What happens when the curtains shut at the crematorium?

Nothing happens until the congregation have left the building. The coffin is removed from behind the curtain after the service has taken place.

When do we collect the ashes?

They are usually available two to three days after the service. In case of urgent matters such as limited time or travel they may be available on the same day.

We will never hassle you to collect the ashes from us. Some families wish different things and maybe wish to wait until the other parent has passed to scatter both. We have stored some ashes for over 25 years. However, we do encourage family to arrange a resting place for them as soon as they feel able so as not to cause further upset later.

You may find our cremations section helpful.

After the funeral

Do funeral directors expect a tip?

We’ve included this as it’s a frequently asked question on the internet. The answer is no. Although Claire has never met a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates she didn’t like!

Would you like to know more?

We believe that end of life needs to be talked about more in society. We also know people are curious about processes but don’t want to appear morbid. We are happy to dispel any myths or answer any questions, no matter how silly you think they sound.

I have a question that isn’t answered. Can I ask you anonymously?

Absolutely – we welcome any feedback or questions. Just fill in this online form and we will post the answer on this page.